6th February 2017.
Sunsets vary greatly from day to day but they always draw us in and mesmerise many into the bold colours, the detail and contrast of the clouds and the dark foreground. A great moment for reflection on the day that’s been and the days ahead.
Which is a great segway to the days ahead, wit a forecast for some big storms and heavy rainfall, which is quite unusual in Perth’s hottest month, though quite inconveniently it falls on the weekend. But I guess on a closing note it’s important to remember the brave gentleman that perished in WA’s north today while successfully saving a girl who was in trouble in floodwaters. I think most people would agree it took great strength and humility to put someone else’s life ahead of his and while it’s a tragic loss, it’s also an inspiration for all of us to reflect on what’s most really important. Stay safe everyone.



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