Another day, another dollar.

7th March 2017.
Today was a rather uneventful and normal day at work, albeit on a short week which is always a positive, but then by mind morning Facebook had reminded me that 3 years ago, I had my last job interview – and it was successful. Especially so, as it was followed by a celebratory lunch at Nando’s.

I need to add more Nando’s to my life.
Anyway, priorities aside for a moment, I knew this month marks the 3rd anniversary since starting this job and it’s gone real quick. Can honestly say it’s been a pleasure working there to date and no doubt the future is going to be positive also.

Oh yeah there was another highlight, 2 pelicans grooming themselves, perched above the Kwinana Freeway on the street lamps, while further down an Osprey Eagle looking to the Swan River for its next feed, while I remember I’ll pack my camera now to make sure I’m ready to capture these big birds next time they’re spotted!



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