Doom & Gloom

9th February 2017.
How many times can the weather forecasters get it so badly wrong, so many times, despite the best technology at their fingertips and the collective experience of weather forecasters before them who almost never got it wrong?

A whole week of doom and gloom that there’ll be storms all week, yet they keep giving vague forecasts and pushing out the bad weather by another day.
Perhaps they should, you know, stick their head out the window and get a real reading of the conditions! #thingsthatreallygetonmygoat

Why does this annoy me? Well as a creative artist, any chance of thunderstorm activity means computer shutdown. Period.
The ‘best’ and most expensive surge-protected powerboard won’t do anything to protect your electrical equipment – and its data/electronics assets – when a thunderbolt has the sheer power to pulverise the ground into molten rock. If it can happen, it will. And I have personal experience of electrical gear being zapped by lightning, so it’s a case of once bitten, twice shy.
Maybe OTT, but I prefer the inconvenience/delay, than losing customer’s data or worse still, hardware and lose a good few weeks getting everything back to normal!

Anyway 5 days of storms coming up, there go most of my plans to get something done including a client’s wedding photos -_-



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