Take a breath.

11th February 2017.
Tonight I joined a large chunk of automotive fanatics from the MX5 Club at their Annual Dinner and although being the awkward new guy at first, with my name absent on the doorlist, eventually I struck conversation and joined a table with some really interesting members.
One of them is a Scottish lady who’s embarking on the Antarctic expedition that I’ve been looking to join for the last 3 years, however at over $40,000 it’s an adventure that requires considerable saving efforts – one day! Anyway it was fascinating to pick her brains about that and also learn more about my fellow members’ stories on the road, all keen adventurers!

Being just 5km from the coast, it made sense to head to the Scarbs amphitheatre, disappointed there was no Salsa dancing but happy to enjoy a good 30 minutes of zen.



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