The Square.

13th February 2017.
You’re looking at Mirrabooka Square, recently renamed ‘The Square’.
It’s my local shopping centre and pretty ordinary, despite a recent re-branding and some aesthetic renovations, but it always baffles me why some shopping centres don’t make the most of these opportunities to really entice and keep customers coming back, instead of being rather underwhelming in their re-branding efforts.
Like they say, some things don’t change. But it could be a lot worse and I have noticed over the last 18 years this shopping centre has overall improved greatly, particularly in terms of security as the shoppers are a far different crowd from a long time ago and it’s a very multicultural cross-section, which is really great! Some things that haven’t changed are the crumbling carpark and uninspiring interior design of the malls.
Oh well can’t have it all, today was just a quick visit to one store as I’ve run out of shower gel!



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