15th February 2017.
Today’s workday seemed to drag on a bit and I wasn’t the only one thinking the same, so as I headed to a scheduled commercial photoshoot, I was quite exhausted and not looking forward to anything other than heading home and crash on the floor.

However, as the photoshoot got underway, for a pizza oven in a lifestlye setting, I had no idea that a full table setting, ice cold drinks and then pizzas plus garlic bread would be thrown into the mix! This long-term client is always a pleasure to work with and although he wasn’t there today, his colleagues pulled out all the stops, making sure genuine cooking action shots could be caught then enjoy the delicious eats! That wasn’t in the brief at all but a very pleasant surprise that picked me up in no time.
This brings home what the core purpose to this project is, to find what rejuvinates my interest in photography, maybe I just need my photography combined with pizza more often!



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