19th March 2017.
Continuing on from yesterday’s party, I got home at 1am but it was very odd that everything seemed like the folks were home, fresh tea ready, but car’s gone, no answer on the phones…
Finally after 90 minutes I get a call from the ol’ man that Mum’s been taken to hospital due to a minor stroke.

Today’s been a rollercoaster of a day, both visiting Mum in hospital to see how she’s going – thankfully quite well considering how dangerous the situation was – and visiting some home opens, but all day my mind was clear of ‘urgent’ noise that typically fills my thoughts and all I could think about is her amidst the silence of no other priorities.
I made sure to take a break to compose myself at Manning Park and I think it helped put things into perspective while the breeze gently rustled through the gum leaves.
A timely reminder of how fragile life is and the importance of making sure your loved ones know they are at the forefront of your mind. Give them a hug tonight!



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