Sunday Work.

26th February 2017.
Most people are lucky to have their weekends off from work, some choose to work on a Sunday – and deem themselves entitled to penalty rates, but that’s a discussion for another day!
I’m one of the unfortunate ones that works on weekends AND doesn’t have a choice, if only someone had enlightened me on this little but important fact before I started professional photography 9 years ago.

And while I’m currently overwhelmed with my workload, with many jobs having to be rejected and referred to other photographers, jobs like today’s are not only a pleasure to work on but also don’t feel like work.
The hot, humid weather didn’t help but today’s low-key Baptism and function to celebrate were not only a great start to the day but also a reminder of how important family is. Particularly Italian families are very supportive and rock-solid, so it was very special to be involved in documenting this important day!

Today’s capture is along Mary St where the church was, but for years I’ve driven past this beautifully leafy street and never paused to take in the scene, until now.



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