31st January 2017.

I rarely go into the CBD unless really necessary, since the City of Perth have made it a mission over the last few years to repel people from having the desire to visit.
I guess it all comes down to space: The lack of it for vehicles to park on the streets, the lack of reasonably priced parking within the city, the lack of interesting spaces that bring people together and the lack of desire by the council to make the most of the spaces there already.

There has been some improvement though with how some spaces are being rejuvenated with vibrant urban art, events taking place and the Northbridge Piazza also not bad, but safety of the areas in and around the city continue to be an issue.

Today’s film capture is a pretty one nearby of the boardwalk along the building foyer decorated to mark the Chinese New Year, contrasting (yesterday’s theme!) to this space which is as uninspiring as the existing busport building. Lift your game City of Perth, less corruption, more action!



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