Welcome to the blog of ruzamada

Hello – maybe you ended up here on purpose, or by mistake, either way welcome!
I’ve been resisting this thing called blogging for many years but finally caved in and set one up.

This could be a failure or a success who cares, but often I feel the need to share something across various topics, but none of my existing channels seem like the appropriate place so here’s the blog of ruzamada.

For those unaware, I’m Adam an Industrial Designer first and foremost, plus an award winning event photographer, keen traveller and folkloric performer with KukuĹ‚eczka on the side.
Keen music lover particularly techno, progressive, deep house, ambient and still some vocal trance once in a while that takes me back to my early days of EDM appreciation

The other reason for setting up this blog is to provide a home for upcoming travels, more to come on that shortly.
So in the meantime things are under construction, seems to be a good metaphor for my life, I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking this.
Connect with me via Twitter @ruzamada and see interesting things along with past and future travels at Insta @atomikarts.



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