R365 Chapter 2

Just a quick update, a sad one because Chapter 2 unfortunately didn’t eventuate, developing as a blank roll.
Devastating as it was a special ‘Colour Implosion’ roll imported from the USA and naturally, some amazing moments captured on that roll.
Luckily my spreadsheet – how awesome are spreadsheets – kept tabs on the locations for each moment, it won’t be the same but at any opportunity I’ll revisit and re-document that moment in time.
Just goes to show how lucky we are in the digital age with the storage and backup options at our fingertips from the moment you hit the shutter.

However there should be an update soon as today’s moment is #24 on the Kodak roll and in the meantime I’ve sourced a film scanner to ensure I can achieve decent quality conversions from developed film and into the digital realm.


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