Out of touch.

1st March 2017.
It really baffles me how such a privileged metropolitan council get be so out of touch. Just yesterday was proof yet again with the Adele concert, that Subiaco never had – nor will – have the capacity and amenities required to cope with a stadium of any size and the crowds that go with it. Then there’s the Subi Markets, which sit there for years as a derelict heap of rubbish on prime land. An eyesore in this supposedly upmarket end of town, why not bulldoze it and create a park, lawn, until a decision on the block’s future is reached?
And now I see the Rokeby Rd median strip has these ugly planters that look like an amateur welded and painted them, preventing clear visibility of pedestrians crossing, while some 20 year old mulch thrown around the base of the trees and reduced street parking. Why would any person wish to visit Subi? Even more bizarre is ratepayers endorse the council’s poor decisions and lack of vision.



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