4th March 2017.
What a great night. Going back a few hours though, I went to the dentist for the first time in a while and learnt I’d need a filling, so that’s not great. Then my Godmother popped over for a visit and as soon as dinner was done & dusted, quick gift wrapping and off to the other side of Perth to a friend’s 30th birthday party.

This party was a hoot, as all parties are with a solid Polish presence, there was a bucking-bull ride, vodka, music and dancing. And adult entertainment for the birthday star!

Going past midnight it was time to head to Ambar, which isn’t a regular occurrence like it used to be but to celebrate the last Japan4 series, where I met a vast number of great friends and industry contacts – and many long nights like tonight – this was one not to be missed and was blessed with the opportunity to hang out with some beautiful faces I haven’t seen for a while and some who flew across from the east coast!
To conclude, it was like the good old days, that is precious to enjoy with my crew of almost a decade 🙂



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