Silent Break.

7th April 2017.
Since we got chased out from work due to pest spraying, I figured I get a capture from a part of the Bibra Lake park run I haven’t explored yet, the left turn on the fork of the pathway, rather than the right turn I always took. And not far away is an ordinary park bench view a view between trees to the lake. Although grossly sleep deprived, this short break for a few minutes got my mind back on track. Last but not least, it was a positive surprise when leaving the dance rehearsal when a friend asked “Are you ok?” Three words I’ve never been asked, yet instantly had a profound impact to which I conceded that I’m struggling with my workload and commitments, with no light at the end of the tunnel in sight. A timely reminder to check on your friends and loved ones, to openly communicate and assist/support eachother where possible.



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