Hard Labor, anyone?

11th March 2017.
Today was election day for WA and while Politics and this civic duty played a very small part of my day as I hit the road to explore more new houses I could consider my home soon, with the fallout that ensued from the Election it brings me great sadness that the outcome was in favour of ‘change’ rather than logical reasoning when marking the ballot papers.

I guess it’s now imperative that I buy that UPS for my PC that I’ve been putting off for so long, with the electricity supply to become as unreliable and expensive as it is in South Australia.
On the plus side, changing my house-hunting strategy to a townhouse/villa means I can look to install my own energy solutions and go off the grid to avoid the gouging Labor is about to inflict upon all West Australians thanks to their deception and un-costed ‘plans’.

How ironic the weather forecast is for severe storms on Sunday following this result. misery and darkness from day one of Mark McGowan’s term.



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