12th February 2017.
Well, exercise. Something I really need to kick my own arse once again and get back into, though again the challenge is balancing the finite resource called time, between all of life’s biggest priorities: Work, client, sleep, househunting, sitting in traffic for 2 hours a day… err no time left!

Surprise, surprise! Looks like some drastic changes need to take place, especially with a target to lose about 3-4kg and strengthen core muscles, while keeping the ball rolling forward in all significant areas of life. I am a fan of bodyweight exercises though – which ideally I’d couple with 30 minutes a day of walking – and a range of exercises utilising gravity in your favour means no wasting money on gyms, hanging around many pretentious types and it’s far more convenient and effective. As we all know, different approaches to exercise work differently for everyone and from my experience, the program I have put together is quite a great balance of time effectiveness while achieving results. Just to touch lightly on results, I lost 20kg in 3 months by crafting my own program, after wasting money on useless gym/PT programs without results and more back pain and I’ve since kept in rather good shape and better equipped to manage back pain.
So yeah, this is the view I see a few times a day, maybe I should get a ceiling mural done when I finally find my own home….!



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