14th February 2017.
What is love, Baby don’t hurt me, … those lyrics just came to my mind!
For those without a soulmate and not content with life as a single, today’s a sad day that rubs salt into our wounds, amplified especially by the shameless and hollow commercialisation around love.
True love is powerful and free-of-charge, 365.25 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and doesn’t require validation through cheap crap that is pedalled to us at exorbitant markups.
So with each year I get more and more fed up with the whole concept of Valentine’s Day, I mean, I haven’t looked up the meaning of it for a while but the modern interpretation of it is a meaningless celebration of materialism, instead of genuine confirmation of one’s affection to their partner.
But love takes on many forms and for me I get daily pleasure from enjoying a variety of teas. Relaxing, expensive, always displaying great taste, full of wholesome goodness, sweet & smooth. Just some of the qualities I admire. So today I raided the stash of fancy teabags I keep at work for those tough days, which are pretty rare to be honest.

It’s natural for humans to love and to be loved, it’s all we desire, including those who claim they are happy to be single, they just don’t realise that love manifests itself in many ways.
Although unloved and alone, I feel a deep sense of love and pride in the significant concept design work I created today, I guess not many people can say they love their work though I definitely do, thanks to making the right decisions years ago, instead of the easy decisions.

So today, Tea is love, Tea is life.



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