24th April 2017.
Monday. Pretty much the usual, though once work was done for the day it was home for a quick nap – thanks to a very restless night – then back into town to see a Polish friend who’s briefly flown in to catch up with friends. A great opportunity to catch up with other mutual friends, discuss some thoughts about Eurovision and tempt each other with the prospect of a long night out up the road for Carl Cox and Adam Beyer. Thanks Joanna for the invite to join in for a few drinks, see you over Skype for Eurovision and in Poland for Journey 21!

Most of the crew headed home, but Kartier and Paul joined me for this Techno showcase at Metro City. While there’s no denying Carl Cox is a legendary artist, I’ll admit my attendance was for Adam Beyer, whose Drumcode label has been a significant soundstrack to the last 5-6 years as my tastes evolved from Trance. But to my great pleasure, Carl Cox exceeded expectations with an excellent performance, showing great selection, talent and variety as well, digging into some much older sounds from many, many years ago. By the time Adam Beyer was on, my legs were aching! But Adam delivered the goods also, serving up a selection quite different to what I’m familiar with but very rewarding nonetheless.



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