No rest

25th April 2017.
Today marks ANZAC Day, a time to reflect upon and pay our respect to those who fought and continue to fight for our freedom.
Unfortunately in recent years there is a growing rise to irrational voices that seek to trash and politicise the day. While all can agree that war should be – and is – avoided at all costs, I believe one should show respect and gratitude towards the fine men and women that served, despite different reasons for going to war then, than what would be considered today. One must also forget many didn’t have a choice, that’s how conscription works, but of course the sensitive petals that are the keyboard warriors of 2017 don’t understand the mechanics behind all that. Give it a rest.

Speaking of rest, many see today’s public holiday as a day to rest and relax. Unfortunately when one runs a business, there is no such word as ‘rest’ or ‘relaxation’ in your vocabulary, especially in small business. So again, without the time to go for that daily walk I should be doing, here’s a frame showing the OM-1 camera, which I’ve recently been thinking about as a certainty to travel with me to Europe. Not only does this camera allow me to select the settings required for a great photo without too much technical thought, but it produces great results with minimal effort, unlike the other two camera bodies I’ve used for this project.

Come to think of it, maybe I can upload all those film photos here when I’m in Bangkok airport for 8 hours, hope they have wifi!



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